This week in EXPOSED! we bring you a revealing interview with today's most talked about media artist "T" "DELANEY" MAINES!


In a dark, hole-in-the-wall bar in Southwest Atlanta, Delaney walks in 2 1/2 hours late, with his personal assistant. He orders a bottle of Jagermeister and a glass. His black turtleneck, pegleg pants, wingtips, and wire-rim glasses are typical. He pours himself a shot, not a word has been said. His personal assistant whispers, "Movie premier" and nods. She is speaking of the previous night's foray into the Hollywood scene. A generic movie with even more generic celebrity actors, and later, a party or two. Probably three. There would be drugs, alcohol, women. Although the contemporary artist claims to be gay, he has been linked with other [in]famous women: Fatty Ko of the Atlanta band The Merciless Stabs, Madonna, Giselle, and every waif from Georgia to California. His drinking and drugging and co-dependant relationship with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown have been reported time and time again. For these reasons, he normally shuns interviews. But this week, Delaney the Artist instead of Delaney the Tabloid King, talks to EXPOSED!:

Exposed!: So, Delaney...what's the message you are trying to convey in your "art"?
DeLaney: Basically what i'm trying to do is spread the word that corporate takeover is upon us like the so many words. I think the "Dead On..." collection conveys it well.
Exposed!: What more do you plan to do? You've already conquered the fashion industry and the world of digital photography. What's next for Delaney?
DeLaney: Next? Hmm...
Exposed!: There's been talk of a tv pilot, a movie, an album...but what does DELANEY want to do?
DeLaney: I was considering tv, but my heart is taking me to music. It's in me you know. Of course I'm all about combining genres, as evident in my "Dead on Stove" pic. Cause I'm an artist.
Exposed!: I see...Lately you've been linked to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown...are you planning on going in a more R&B influenced direction?
DeLaney: R&B with a pinch trash metal...and you can't leave out the pop influence you know. TRL is where it's at.
Exposed!: Maximum exposure, eh?
DeLaney: Exactly. I'm all about the kids loving it.
Exposed!: Speaking of exposure, let's talk about your book " Delaney" What influenced that?
DeLaney (points to crotch): This influenced it. I had to come about sooner or later.

Delaney has been linked
to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
Exposed!: What with all those naked, pornographic pictures that showed up on the internet.
DeLaney: I was told you weren't going to mention THOSE pics
Exposed!: Moving on...
DeLaney: Yes. Let's move on.
Exposed!: Lately there've been rumours of a drug and alcohol it true?
DeLaney (sipping Jagermeister): You know the funny thing is how much people focus on that sort of thing. I mean isn't my art enough? So I may do a little blow...throw back a few shots. What's the fucking problem? The art works. IT WORKS!
Exposed!: It certainly does. You're getting a lot of acclaim lately. Let's talk about your latest work, the "Dead On" series. Why death?
DeLaney (knocking over the table): You know I didn't have to deal with this kind of shit in Europe! They love me over there! Practically eat my shit.
Exposed!: I think that's all the time we have.

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