Take a gander at these gems...

A statement from Russell Means - Revolutionary, actor, writer, speaker, and all around bad-ass Indian! *throws fist in air*
The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee - The LPDC is currently working toward the release of wrongly imprisoned Indigenous Peoples rights activist Leonard Peltier, who is serving his 25th year of 2 concurrent life sentences + 7 years.
Indianz.com - Where I get all my news from Indian Country.
Delanium - EXPOSED! You want entertainment? Well, you better try somewhere else. But if you just want to be really offended or solicited for hot sweaty anonymous sex, check out TMaines aka Delanium and his simple little site!
The Blogger - Get a weblog. You probably need one.
Communist Manifesto - Read this for a good, healthy dose of Marx.
Che - Terrorist? Revolutionary? You decide. A wonderful site devoted to the most [in]famous and brilliant revolutionary of modern times.
Border Collie Rescue - Find out how you can help this intelligent, misunderstood breed of dogs.
Dreamstop - Keep a dream journal and have your dreams analyzed!
Koku Hates You! The Kodefendant Press. And her drunken, Requiem-crazed ramblings! Misanthropy at its finest!
Get yer read on!
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